• Ideas for Getting Kids to Be More Active
    Anyone who has ever spent any amount of time with children knows how much energy they expend – particularly when let loose on the playground. Children are naturally physically active Read more
  • 3 Great Cities for Families:
    The choice of where to raise children can be a deeply personal decision. One based on, what you can and cannot live without, what your values are, and, of course, Read more
  • Ways to Keep Kids Entertained on School Days off:
    With Martin Luther King Day and President’s Day just past and Spring Break rapidly approaching, it is time to find ways to keep children occupied and engaged at home. Breaks Read more
  • 3 Fun Things for Families to do Together
    Staying healthy as a family means making the time to connect. In our fast-paced Web 2.0 world, connecting and re-connecting can seem monumental. It is not! When you start finding Read more
  • Release your inner diva!
    Looking good and feeling great go hand in hand. Whether you want to admit it or not, we all have an inner diva and we all need to let it Read more
  • Reduce your stress and worry: Cook together with curry!
    Is your family isolated from each other, focused on Internet surfing, texting, or interacting more in the virtual world than the real world? Cooking together is not only a nourishing Read more

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