FAQs - Psychological Diagnostic Testing

Our doctors at Child and Family Psychology offer various forms of behavioral testing for adults and children. One of these services is psychological diagnostic testing, which assesses academic or vocational abilities. Ability and personality tests could be beneficial in interpreting and detecting problematic conduct. Our doctors at Child Family and Psychology Services use psychological diagnostic testing in Franklin Square, NY, to collect information about your mental health. This testing documentation integrates and interprets information about a person experiencing psychological difficulties, and the outcomes reveal problems, abilities, and distinguishing characteristics. You may seek this test for clarity when it comes to you or a family member's mental health.

FAQS - Psychological Diagnostic Testing

Here we've listed a few frequently asked questions (FAQs) our patients have asked about psychological diagnostic testing in Franklin Square, NY. If yours is still outstanding, please give us a call.

  • What Purpose Does Psychological Diagnostic Testing Serve? This procedure helps diagnose mental illness through a series of assessments that measure your intelligence, cognition, capabilities, and behavior.
  • Do I Need a Referral? In some circumstances a parent, family physician, neurologist, pediatrician, or psychologist may provide a referral for testing.
  • What Type of Tests Can I Expect to Take? You can expect this assessment to work like an interview where our psychologists discuss your personal history, address any concerns, and observe how you think, reason, and react to various situations. You can also expect to complete questionnaires tailored to your individual needs. 

Consider psychological diagnostic testing in Franklin Square, NY, if you or your child exhibits fatigue or low energy levels, severe mood swings, personality changes, memory, and attention issues. You should especially seek attention for excessive fear or depression, feelings of hopelessness or guilt, or bizarre behaviors experiencing recurrent suicidal thoughts. Please explore our website to learn more about the conditions we treat and the services provided in our practice. For more information about psychological diagnostic testing in Franklin Square, NY, or to schedule an appointment with our board-certified psychologists, call (516) 750-4841.

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