Benefits Of Child-Friendly Psychotherapy

It's not uncommon to think of psychotherapy as belonging entirely in the realm of adulthood, as it's often very adult problems that are discussed during therapy sessions. But, though they may have trouble expressing them, the emotions of children and the difficulties with which they struggle are very real as well. Children's mental health issues are not so far removed from those of adults and these often inform the problems they will face later in life. It's not too early to seek help, for many, it's just the right time, and with the help of your Franklin Square, NY, mental health professionals, and child-friendly psychotherapy your children can get the help they need now. Learn more about child-friendly psychotherapy by reaching out to Child and Family Psychology with Dr. Renee Clauselle and Dr. Francyne Zeltser.

What is Child-Friendly Psychotherapy?

Just as with traditional therapy aimed at adults, the underlying goal remains the same, it's that of allowing children to understand the links that exist between what they feel, what they think and their behavior.

The evidence-based treatments employed by their therapist can vary depending on the specific circumstances of the child, their age, and the ultimate aim of the treatment. It can involve the use of games or puppets, as well as talk therapy.

Help With Developmental Issues

For some children, those diagnosed with learning and attention disorders, as well as autism, it can be easier to see the benefits of psychotherapy—even those who display some of the symptoms and can be helped with a diagnosis.

But it can also greatly benefit children who struggle with depression, anxiety, and other similar issues that can manifest in defiant behavior, substance abuse, and self-harm.

There are circumstances when dangerous outward behaviors are not as readily visible, but if your child and your family as a whole have experienced a recent transition it may be helpful to speak with a therapist. Transitions such as moving to a new place, divorce, or grief, can all affect children differently.

Child-Friendly Psychotherapy in Franklin Square, NY

If you are interested in child-friendly psychotherapy you can schedule a consultation with Dr. Clauselle and Dr. Zeltser of Child and Family Psychology in Franklin Square, NY, by dialing (516) 750-4841.

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