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What Is Neurofeedback?

Child and Family Psychology has a skilled team of dedicated providers offering different therapies including neurofeedback in Franklin Square, NY. Neurofeedback is a therapy that can be used to treat various psychiatric conditions without medication and with virtually no risk of side effects. Keep reading about neurofeedback and come see us if you think you or your child would benefit from this treatment.

What is neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is a type of biofeedback designed to gain insight into and retrain your brain by monitoring brain activity. Electroencephalography, or EEG, is used to monitor your brain activity, body temperature, and other functions. A session consists of the provider reading your brain waves, and computerized sounds and images guiding you back to a calm and focused state.

Treatment consists of a series of sessions with our specially trained providers. The number of sessions recommended will vary depending on the kind of symptoms you're treating. Typically at least 20 sessions will be recommended to see results if you are treating anxiety or depression. If you are treating ADHD expect more sessions initially, but you continue scheduling sessions to maintain the results.

Why choose neurofeedback?

This therapy can treat symptoms of various conditions in patients of any age without medication. Medication can have negative side effects, and sometimes it takes trial and error to find the best medication for you. Neurofeedback is a safe treatment you can start at any time, whether you are on medication or not. Your provider may recommend medication and cognitive therapy to work in conjunction with retraining your brain.

Neurofeedback in Franklin Square, NY, encourages neuroplasticity and helps train neurological coordination within and between the brain's networks. This increase in brain activity can ease many different symptoms when medications are usually for one symptom and you need to take several for the best results.

Child and Family Psychology specializes in neurofeedback in Franklin Square, NY, for patients of all ages dealing with various psychological symptoms. Contact us at (516) 750-4841 to make an appointment.

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