Child & Family Psychology Founder Available for Comment Regarding Connecticut School Shooting

Dr. Renee Clauselle, Founder, Child & Family Psychology, is available to speak about the tragic events that unfolded Friday morning at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT, and how to best discuss this incident with children.

“Right now, everyone is still in shock about what happened,” says Dr. Clauselle. “We’re saddened by Friday’s events, but also what is happening to our world as a whole. As overwhelming as these thoughts are for an adult, imagine how much more difficult they are for a child trying to process such trauma.”

As details continue to emerge from the deadly shooting, which killed 26 — including 20 children, the principal and a school psychologist — Dr. Clauselle stresses that now is the time to grieve and show support.

“Before we know all the details, the most important thing to keep in mind is to grieve. Show this community in Connecticut support, but also show support for each other. Something this tragic affects everyone. It’s important that we try to heal together.”

Dr. Clauselle also understands that many people will experience anger as a result of last week’s events, but emphasizes it’s more important to try and channel these negative emotions into ones that will ultimately provide empowerment.

“The only good that can come from something like this is that we stand up and fight together to keep our children safe so that it won’t happen again. Finding ways to ensure our children’s safety is a positive way to channel our anger when something like this occurs.”

While she realizes that many parents will want to watch as the details unfold from the shooting, Dr. Clauselle cautions them that this may not be best for their children.

“Of course it is understandable that parents want to learn more about what happened, but it’s best that they watch the news and talk about this when their children are in bed. As scary as this is for a parent, it’s even more so for a child,” she stresses. “If they ask questions, let them know they are safe and remind them of the ways their school protects them.”

Dr. Clauselle is a practicing child psychologist and founder of Child & Family Psychology. She has appeared frequently on numerous media outlets in the past.

To speak to Dr. Clauselle, please contact (516) 750-4841. For more information, visit

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