Child Psychotherapy for Expressive Language Disorders: Enhancing Communication

Having an expressive language delay or disorder can make communication with your child a struggle. They may be able to understand you but can't verbalize back effectively. And it's hard for the child in everyday life. 

At Child and Family Psychology, serving Franklin Square, NY, and the nearby region, Dr. Renee Clauselle and Dr. Francyne Zeltser offer therapy to help your child as well as your entire family when one struggles with this problem. Let's discuss the importance of enhancing communication and how we do it. 

Why Treatment Is Beneficial 

 When your child can't communicate effectively with you, it can lead to frustration. Depending on their age, they may lash out or throw a temper tantrum. They don't want to, but they aren't aware of how to get their point across. And this may trickle into their interactions with others as well, including their friends. With expressive language delay therapy at our Franklin Square, NY, office, you can prevent this from occurring. 

Once your child reaches school age or as they're growing up, a delay or disorder with their speech can affect their grades and learning. No matter how smart they are, if they can't express it in written language, a teacher won't know this. Plus, as they fall behind, it will be harder to catch up. It can also hinder their self-confidence. 

By obtaining therapy for your child, you can ensure they can live up to their full potential academically. 

Therapy We Offer 

 Part of the therapy we provide will often include speech and language therapy. During this, we focus on improving your child's ability to understand and retain information while learning to express themselves. We'll help your little one to increase their vocabulary. We can help identify the root cause of their difficulty and assist by addressing it. 

We can also bring the parents in for therapy to educate them on ways they can better communicate with their children. For instance, we teach you how to ask specific questions rather than vague ones, which can make it easier for your child to gather their thoughts, focus, and respond. 

A practitioner from our office can also inform you how positive reinforcement can help your child grow as a communicator. 

If your child is school-aged, we can also help you navigate the available resources so they receive even further assistance. 

For a child with an expressive language delay or disorder, tasks you take for granted can come with much frustration. However, with the aid of Dr. Clauselle and Dr. Zeltser of Child and Family Psychology, serving Franklin Square, NY, and the neighboring communities, there's help!

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