Navigating Childhood Emotions: The Role of Child Psychotherapy

Child Psychologist in Franklin Square, NY

In the 1950s, psychologist Erick Erickson developed a framework for assessing childhood emotional development that we now know as the 8 stages of emotional development. Although there have been other theories and frameworks for nurturing children since then, Erickson’s theory touches on something simple and undeniable about children: children aren’t just learning how to handle their emotions. They’re also gaining new emotions for the first time. It’s a lot for a parent to deal with, and you shouldn’t have to do it alone. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping parents find the right child psychologist in Franklin Square, NY.

Children’s Emotional Phases

Erickson theorized that children develop certain emotions at certain points in their lives, and their emotional needs will be based on what phases they’re in and what phases they have been true. Infants are learning to trust. When your infant cries, it’s because they’re testing to see if they can trust you to help them if they need it. Ignoring your child at this stage could lead to long-term feelings of mistrust. As they age, they start to gain a sense of independence. When they begin preschool, they start learning to take initiative. The initiative eventually grows into industriousness. By the time they become a teenager, all of these stages start gelling together into your child’s identity. That identity allows your child to develop genuine intimacy as they transition into adulthood and become responsible for the rest of their emotional growth. Your child’s emotional needs will change with every one of these phases. No two children will go through these phases in the same way or at the same speed. That’s why parents of children in Franklin Square, NY, need a child psychologist they trust to help them navigate these phases.

Child Psychotherapy and Neurodivergence

Complicating things even more, not all children will go through these phases. Although conditions like ADHD and Autism are often spoken of as disorders, the reality is more complicated than that. Scientists around the world increasingly discuss conditions like these as brains processing the world in nontraditional ways. Navigating these children’s unique development is something no parent should have to do without guidance.

See A Child Psychologist

If you need help navigating your child’s emotions, call (516) 750-4841, to speak to a child psychologist Dr. Renee Clauselle and Dr. Francyne Zeltser of Child and Family Psychology in Franklin Square, NY. We want to help your little one grow.

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