What Is Concierge Counseling?


Mental health can be a difficult topic to address, and finding a compassionate and qualified psychologist is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your family. If you live near Franklin Square, NY, Dr. Renee Clauselle is a renowned child and family psychologist who offers concierge counseling to treat children and adults. Concierge counseling is a small-scale form of clinical practice that provides more personalized treatment to patients and can ensure that you and your family receive specialized care whenever it is needed.

What Is Concierge Counseling?

Concierge counseling is an excellent option for patients who do not have mental health insurance or desire to protect their privacy. While concierge counseling was developed in the 1990s, it is becoming the preferred mode of treatment for doctors and psychologists around the country. Concierge counseling bypasses insurance companies and deals with the patients directly. This allows patients to receive greater attention and care for their needs, ensuring the doctor's full attention. With concierge counseling, patients pay an annual or monthly fixed fee that provides direct access to Dr. Clauselle when they need counseling. Dr. Clauselle sees patients in her office and also treats children in their homes, so she can engage with them in their comfort zone. Dr. Clauselle offers an extra-personal approach to helping children with behavioral and or/ emotional issues and is even willing to speak with her patients at school or on the playground.

Dr. Renee Clauselle is a devoted psychologist who is dedicated to caring for her patients in Franklin Square, NY. She offers concierge therapy so she can maintain an intimate, personalized relationship with the individuals under her care. Child and Family Psychology provides concierge counseling so that her practice remains small, and she can connect with her patients whenever they need support. Subsequently, she has the time and capability to offer her expert services whenever and wherever they are needed. Patients who benefit from concierge counseling include those with mood disorders such as bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, severe depression, and anxiety, person with OCD spectrum, disorder, or postpartum depression. Patients with substance abuse problems also benefit greatly from concierge counseling as they can reach Dr. Clauselle in times of extreme difficulty and distress.

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Dr. Clauselle of Child and Family Psychology in Franklin Square, NY has made frequent appearances on television and is a highly-regarded expert in child development and emotional and mental healing. She offers concierge counseling so she can better maintain relationships with her patients while she manages her professional career. She is an expert in parent training, educational advocacy, neurofeedback, and child psychotherapy, and maintains a client-centered philosophy. Make an appointment at Child and Family Psychology today. Call (516) 750-4841.

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