Parent Training/Coaching


Parents, It's OK to Ask for Child Rearing Help

Dr. Renee Clauselle created and founded Child and Family Psychology, located in Franklin Square, NY. Our doctor has over 15 years of devoted parent training/coaching experience in child and family psychology and partners with Dr. Francyne Zeltser, a noted, experienced, licensed, and skilled child/parent psychologist with many years of renowned experience.

Our doctors are well-known and respected television and radio personalities known for their child and parent welfare expertise. While our doctors accept appointments at the office, they are committed to coming to the home if needed.

Our doctors specialize in,

  • Child and adolescent development
  • Behavior management
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Family Counseling
  • Educational Interventions
  • Psychological and Educational Assessment
  • Effective Parenting Strategies
  • Consultation
  • Educational Advocacy

Not Easy Asking For Parenting Help

It is usual for parents to wonder if they need parent training/coaching. Some parents who ask for help feel like they have failed their children. 

Child and Family Psychology in Franklin Square, NY, reassures parents and children that no one is perfect, and every parent and child believes they could have done better. 

We teach parents how to turn outcomes into a more favorable status for them and their children through counseling. 

No child or parent is like another. Each individual is unique. Therefore, each child and parent requires different help. We have excellent referrals available, and during counseling sessions, we can,

  • Conduct child psychological testing
  • Assess children for learning disabilities
  • Identify attention deficit disorders, autism disorders, behavioral disorders
  • Identify developmental delays
  • Set into motion a unique treatment plan individualized for you and your child to realize success.

We can help children and parents,

  • Reestablish a balance in life.
  • Increase vitality.
  • Enhance productivity at home and work.
  • Put the joy back in marriage partnerships and parenting.
  • Improve communication skills
  • Learn how to make the right decisions easily and quickly.
  • Expect superior and positive results. 
  • Overcome negative emotions.
  • Add hope and trust to relationships. 
  • Interpret psychological evaluations for parents.
  • Make referrals to legal advocates and attorneys for legal counsel as needed. 

Child and Family Psychology Helps You and Your Child

Reaching out for parent training/coaching is never an admittance of failure. Never be ashamed, feel guilty, or embarrassed. It is the wisest of parents who identify that they need some training and coaching help with their children.

Please call Dr. Clauselle and Dr. Zeltser for help at Child and Family Psychology at (516) 750-4841 in Franklin Square, NY, for an appointment.

We are goal-orientated to help parents and children do their best at home, school, and work. Our goal for you as a parent is to realize an enjoyable, successful, and fulfilling life.

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